Privacy policy

The privacy policy explains how user information are collected, processed, used and shared of an online service. Our service is built to respect your privacy and that's why our privacy policy is done this way.

Registered users give us an e-mail address and a password:

  • the e-mail address is used to communicate by e-mail: account creation, password reset, ...
  • the e-mail address and the password are used to log in
  • the password is saved encrypted

For users registered with an external service (Facebook, Github, Google, Microsoft, ...), the service gives us a name and an e-mail address.

None of these information (name, e-mail address and password) are sold, nor shared to any other services.
From external services (Facebook, Github, Google, Microsoft, ...), only the name and the e-mail address are used.

At any time you can delete your user account and its associated data by going on the configuration page of your account.
If you deleted your user account on an external service (Facebook, Github, Google, Microsoft, ...), reset your password to get access to your user account and then be able to delete it.


SESSION is the ID of the current browser seesion. It allows to move from one page to another without losing logged in user information. This cookie is mandatory for browsing the site.